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Healthcare Reimagined:
AI Compliance & Quality,
On Autopilot

Our ALIGNMT A\ platform automates compliance and streamlines quality reporting for Healthcare AI. We make it easier to build and demonstrate trust, measure quality, and manage risk

17+ years  experience

30+ Risk Factors

Being Tracked

ISO, NIST, ONC Compliant

Available in 57 Countries

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What We Offer?

Innovate with confidence

Safeguard your AI innovation and ensure compliance with a two-step approach: assess risks before launch and monitor performance afterwards. This keeps you ahead of regulations like ONC HTI-1 and ISO 42001.

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We Assure Your Enterprise

Efficient AI regulatory compliance


  • Comply with ONC and ISO requirements for trustworthy AI

  • Publish transparent AI report cards for external review
  • Build stakeholder trust with open feedback centers
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Holistic AI auditing for risk mitigation


  • Risk management controls across data, people, AI systems

  • Proactively mitigate risk across AI deployments

  • Maintain safeguards for responsible use of AI

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Continuous monitoring of AI systems in real world settings


  • Comply with ONC HTI-1 maintenance requirements

  • Run risk analysis and implement risk mitigation for AI systems

  • Expedite time to production with trust and accountability

Why Choose ALIGNMT AI?

Industry Expertise

We deeply understand the EU and US compliance and risk management landscape for Healthcare AI.

Real-World Risk Monitoring

We constantly monitor Healthcare AI systems, proactively identifying AI behavior risks.

Benchmarks and
Data Assets

We maintain de-identified real-world data assets to easily benchmark customer Healthcare AI products.

Experienced Advisory Service

Our seasoned experts understand the Healthcare AI technical complexities and regulations.

Our Clients and Partners

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Innovate with Confidence

See a demo of ALIGNMT A\  today and learn how our Healthcare AI Compliance and Risk Monitoring Platform is driving efficiency and ROI for top healthcare teams.

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